The think tank always adheres to the highest professional standards of ﻪ"internationalization, influence and constructiveness" as well as to the “first, ﻪthe only one and the number one professional”- three "one" think tank standards. ﻪIt strives to grasp the "five highs" and pays every effort to gain work progress ﻪfrom a commanding height, make plans at high standards, move forward ﻪefficiently, complete each task with high quality. GTA also works hard to direct ﻪand facilitate the investment of superior resources at home and abroad to carry ﻪout TCM think tank research and to build high-level, high-quality communication ﻪand exchange platforms with international influence. Starting with the three ﻪtasks of carrying out the “Healthy China” Initiative, i.e. “intervene in health ﻪinfluencing factors, protect full-life-cycle health and prevent and control ﻪmajor diseases”, efforts will be made to bring the role of the GTA into full ﻪplay, integrate the superior medical resources and contribute to the realization ﻪof healthy Beijing and healthy China. The GTA, by pooling first-class thoughts ﻪand wisdom of the whole world and driving the integration of Chinese and Western ﻪmedicine, will put in place a new medical system of integrating Chinese and ﻪwestern medical concepts and advance medical science. The GTA will strengthen ﻪthe allocation and development of world-class, mainstream and high-end ﻪresources, promote interactions and coordination of Chinese and foreign ﻪgovernments, academic communities, mainstream media organizations, industrial ﻪorganizations and industries on the basis of the core sources, core ﻪtechnologies, core talents & teams. It will build a good market image and ﻪachieve win-win and multi-win outcomes in the market. The GTA will strive to ﻪcreate a high-end service system characterized by conceptual alignment, ﻪcombination of sectors, cooperation between different organizations, industrial ﻪintegration, service matching and capital generation in support of the ﻪinternationalization and the TCM trade in services. Furthermore, the GTA will ﻪlaunch a series of “culture plus industrial” projects, organize high-level ﻪexchanges, forums and meetings, thematic studies and other events related to TCM ﻪand the whole industrial value chain. It will contribute Chinese wisdom and ﻪChina solutions to global health.



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